Job Innovation

  • 01a
    • Construction:

      • cladder,
      • tiler,
      • carpenter,
      • heating system engineer,
      • machine operator,
      • roofer,
      • electrician,
      • bricklayer,
      • joiner,
      • ironworker,
      • thermal insulation fitter,
      • house painter,
      • plasterer,
      • plumber,
      • photovoltaic panels fitter,

  • 02a
    • Metallurgy

      • fitter-assembler,
      • boilermaker,
      • blacksmith,
      • welder,
      • maintenance technician,
      • sheet-metal worker,
      • pipe-fitter,

  • 05a
    • Gardening/ forestry

      • arborist,
      • lumberjack,
      • gardener,
      • landscaper,
      •stone mason,

  • 04a
    • Hotel/ catering

      • cook,
      • chambermaid,
      • receptionist,
      • waiter,

Job Innovation is a dynamically developing Employment Agency operating especially in Poland and in the European Union. The Company specialises in the recruitement and international assignments of the workforce. Our competences mostly cover the sectors of construction, metallurgy, agriculture, green spaces, catering, hotel, food industry and IT.

We offer services in the field of Human Resources to our clients. We rely on the knowledge, professionalism, flexibility and individual approach to each project so that we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of services. Thanks to modern solutions we recruit employees for big as well as for small businesses effectively.


We belong to:

the Association of Employment Agencies


Poland’s largest organisation uniting specialised HR agencies and actively acting in favour of industry development and promotion of flexible forms of employment.

Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France.